Bigfoot | Snowblades | Figl Skis - Do They Still Exist? (2024)

Bigfoot mini skis, also known as snowblades, have become increasingly popular in recent years. These short skis offer a unique skiing experience that is different from traditional long skis. In this article, we will explore the history of Bigfoot skis, their features and benefits, and provide a review of their performance on the slopes.

If you already know that short skis are the best option for you and you are just looking for a guide to pick the right pair, feel free to continue to the video below.

What is the History of Bigfoot Snowblades?

It was in the mid-1970's, when theKneissl with Big Footpioneered in the short ski production. Bringing not only the game-changing idea of making the skis shorter to provide an easier ride on the snow, but also an iconic design for the left and right foot separately with printed toes.

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What is the History ofFiglMini Skis?

In the 1980'sAtomic came up with their Figl Skiboardswith the idea to offer the light short ski to European mountain climbers who could easily ride down the hill on their way back from climbing. Some adrenaline seekers also used them on frozen lakes in ice-skating mode.

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Features and Benefits of Bigfoot Mini Skis

Bigfoot mini skis are much shorter than traditional skis, ranging from60 to80 cm in length. This makes them easier to maneuver and control, particularly for beginners and those who are not as experienced on the slopes. They also have a wider profile than traditional skis, which provides greater stability and balance.

One of the key benefits of Bigfoot mini skis is their versatility. They can be used for a range of skiing styles, including freestyle, carving, and all-mountain skiing. They are also suitable for both adults and children, making them a popular choice for families.

Another feature of Bigfoot mini skis is their ease of use. They are lighter and easier to carry than traditional skis, making them more convenient for transportation. Additionally, they require less energy to turn and maneuver, which can reduce fatigue and improve overall skiing enjoyment.

Bigfoot Skis Review

Overall, Bigfoot mini skis have received positive reviews from skiers of all levels. Their versatility and ease of use make them an excellent choice for beginners, while their stability and performance make them suitable for more advanced skiers as well.

One of the standout features of Bigfoot mini skis is their maneuverability. They are highly responsive to turning and carving, which allows skiers to make quick, precise movements on the slopes. This makes them particularly well-suited for freestyle skiing and other types of skiing that require quick turns and movements.

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Another benefit of Bigfoot mini skis is their stability. The wider profile of the skis provides greater balance and reduces the likelihood of tipping over or losing control. This makes them a great choice for all-mountain skiing and other types of skiing that require stability and balance.

In terms of price, Bigfoot mini skis are generally less expensive than traditional skis, which makes them a great choice for budget-conscious skiers. Additionally, their durability and long lifespan make them a good investment for those who plan to ski regularly.

So, what makes short skis an excellent choice?

  • versatility
  • easy to use
  • portable
  • stable
  • maneuverable
  • affordable

Short skis nowadays

Big Foot and Figl were pioneers in short ski industry but the idea of easier and lighter skiing does not end with them. Snowfeet have picked up the baton of bringing short skis to slopes all over the world.

Snowfeet are currently one of the experts in the field of short ski manufacturing.

Snowfeet skiboards follow the Big Foot and Figl tradition and push the quality and versatility of short skis even further. With innovative designs of both skis and bindings, Snowfeet make skiing accessible to everybody.

Gear up for your next winter adventure

Snowfeet* Skiblades | 65 CM | Skiboards Snowblades Short Mini Skis

Snowfeet* Skiblades | 99 CM | Skiboards Snowblades Short Skis

Snowblades by Snowfeet

Snowblades by Snowfeet represent an innovative approach to winter sports, offering an agile alternative to traditional skiing equipment. Length of snowblades varries from 65 to 120 cm, offering the right length for everybody.

What are the benefits of Snowblades?


One of the most significant advantages of Snowblades is their portability. They are much shorter than regular skis, which makes them incredibly easy to transport. You can easily carry them in a backpack, allowing for spontaneous ski adventures and removing the hassle of hauling traditional ski gear. This portability also makes them an excellent choice for travel, as they don't require the space and special arrangements needed for longer skis.

Agile movement

The compact size of Snowblades not only contributes to their convenience but also to their performance on the slopes. Their shorter length allows for a highly maneuverable and dynamic skiing experience, enabling skiers to make sharp turns and easily navigate crowded slopes and tight spots. This agility makes them particularly popular among freestyle skiers and those who enjoy tricks and park skiing.

Easy to use

Furthermore, Snowblades are often praised for their ease of use, making them a favorable option for beginners. The learning curve is typically smoother compared to traditional skis, as the shorter blades provide better ground control and balance. However, experienced skiers can also enjoy the challenge and fun that comes with mastering the different style and technique required by snowblades.

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Innovative bindings

Snowfeet snowblades most innovative feature are definitely the bindings. Long skis have limited options when it comes to bindings: for safety reason, long skis can implement only release ski bindings.

However, short skis do not struggle with the safety risks caused by the longer boards which makes them open to a broader field of opportunities.

Release ski bindings

Your standard ski bindings. Easy to use, safe especially for long skis but the most expensive option. Available for 99 and 120 cm long version of snowblades.

Non-release ski bindings

These old-school bindings with modern safety features are a great choice for anyone opting for the combination of ski boots and short skis. As their name suggests, they do not release when you fall. However, in case of short skis, this is not an issue.

On the other hand, non-release bindings have many advantages:

  • 1 size fits all - non-release bindings cover most of foot sizes, so you don't need to worry about choosing the right size
  • easy to adjust - you can easily set your bindings at home or on the slopes
  • affordable - compared to release bindings, non-release bindings are much cheaper which allows us to keep the price of the skis as low as we possibly can
Snowboard boot bindings

Snowfeet Snowblades bring yet another innovation to the table: bindings for snowboard boots. Many DIY fans have experimented withmounting snowboard bindings to skis, however, these attempts were rarely successful or safe.

Snowboard bindings by Snowfeet were designed and intended specifically for snowblades which makes them a complete game changer. They are standard non-release snowboard bindings which is why they are used only with snowblades no longer then 100 cm.

Whether you are a snowboarder who wants to ski, or a skier who is tired of ski boots, snowblades with snowboard boot bindings are the right choice.

Variety of lengths

Every skier has a different needs and expectations from their ride. That's why the rule of choosing skis based on your height is not applicable to everyone.

Choose length that suits you best

Snowfeet* Skiblades | 99 CM

Snowfeet* Short Skis | 120 CM

Short skis do not follow the rule of height which means you can choose your gear based on what feels the best.

65 cm Snowblades

The 65 cm long Skiboards are balancing on the verge between skating on snow and skiing, mixing the best from both worlds. Traditional skiers may find keeping the front-back balance challenging but it is the one feature which makes the short skis such fun. On the other, hockey players and ice skaters will find them easy to master.

65 cm is the perfect length for ski tutors, free style skiers, and children learning how to ski.

99 cm Snowblades

The customers most favourite choice has the perfect length, allowing the freedom of movement, yet providing the necessary support, if you should find the shorter skis too demanding in terms of keeping the balance.

99 cm Skiboards are great for carving, rides in snowparks, or as your all mountain ski. They are also work perfectly as the first skis.

120 cm Snowblades

The longest short skis are the right way for anyone who is tempted by lighter and easier skis but too afraid of loosing the balance at the same time. 120 cm Skiboards are perfect for carving and fast ride down the slope.


Shortskis offer a unique skiing experience that is both fun and versatile. Their short length,combined with theease of use makes them suitable for skiers of all levels, while their stability and maneuverability make them a popular choice for freestyle and all-mountain skiing.

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to experience the slopes,snowblades are definitely worth considering.

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Bigfoot | Snowblades | Figl Skis - Do They Still Exist? (2024)


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