Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2024)

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Comstock, Edgeworth Avenue, 0., Pa. Attorney 407 Jones Law letters of administraNora Walton, dePittsburgh, Allegheny granted, all persons having will make payment it will present them Administratrix, 1642 wrothy Pittsburgh, Pa. road 620 Bakewell letters Attorney, administration Notice R. Messer, de, County, having late indebted to said canted, payment and those havto George D. aims 7325 Kelly NOTICES Attorney, Woodland Notice that letters estate of Clara H.

Pittsburgh, granted, Alle- all been said estate will make claims will Com- prePittsburgh and Trust Wood ave. CAL STATISTICS WOOD Death Notices evening at 8:30 Potts Acken, wife H. Acken. Serv- residence, 721 North Wednesday aftstreet, Interment private. wife of the late John SoN yeare.

Funeral 26, at 12:30 p. her daughter, Mrs. J. Morningside avenue. United Presbyterian 2:30 o'clock.

Co. December 24, at B. Winterborne, wife of 2145 Holyoke Borsce at Frank W. Perrysville NorthNotice time later. horni street, on Wednesday, 26, 8:45 a.

m. Requiem Joseph's Roman Catholic at Fulton and Liverpool P. 0. E. No.

11, at and invited. December 22, 1934, Burg, husband of cis Elizabeth in his 79th year. home, 1018 Liver- December 23, 1934, at Rigot Burg, widow of 76th year. Mother of we Burg. Eleanor, Marie, Clara sister of Mrs.

Anna menacker: survived by five Mehildren. Funeral from the family 248. dence, Brownsville road, on Solemn high mass Bustl's Roman Catholic Church at Friends and members of L. C. 1.

Branch 127, are invited. Peter's cemetery. W. papers please Sunday morning, December at. o'clock, at her resiBluff street, Catherine G.

mailer, Crowley, mother Funeral from the avenue, near funeral will NEY-Suddenly, Sunday morning. 1934, Walter his 7th year, David Es year, and sons, reClara Dempsey, all received at Brandt home, Perry cray, Perrysville, Requiem high an December 26, at St. Perrysville, at 9 miLD-Friday December 21, at home her daughter, Mrs. 7145. seph 4214 Calvin street, Agnes Harry Enfield.

December 26, at high mass at St. lary's at '9 o'clock. Ntal, December 22, at 211 Freeland street, Leo only son of Ida M. Gestner (nee Netinger), 29th year. Funeral at 2:30 p.

m. 30. papers please 1 Sabers Association Woodmen precember and of 23, copy.J friends Amer- 1934. Funeral on Wednesday, Caber a. from WilPeppert Sons chapel.

Requiem MASA Mary's Church at 9 invited. 3. Sunday, December 23, Mary wife of Nicholas 34th year. Funeral 1711 Metropolitan the morning 8:15 MARE at. Queen of Juniata street, at CO.

Philadelphia papers please afternoon, December o'clock, George Wesley, tutand E. Irwin. Services 5506 Wellesley Wednesday afternoon at 3 private. CARNEY Sunday, December 23, Barney, Catherine Boyle late Barney KearMills family residence, Braddock. on Thursat 8:30 a.

m. High at St. Brendan's Church, m. Friends invited. Eve, at 8 o'clock.

Charles B. and Amily Funeral from the Fisk street. Time Bronxville, N. Y. Survived Another Marian, and two and Marjory Lee Rednesday services Interment at Bronxvitle private.

December Monday morning, Mrs. James of Shady at the home of her Bra Ashby, 7 Sunny his December 23, 1934, untie Run. John H. years. Funeral services residence Wednesday at 2 at Indiana, Pa, -Sunday, December 23, 1934, McClain McPherson, husband Mrs.

Stuve, McPherson and father Mary Link, en Lee Collon, Margaret McDonnell, Mrs. Agnes unily McPherson. Funeral from the Charles Shady WednesTelnek. afternoon. December 26, at invited.

Interment tome, 100 avenue, the family baday, Brentwood, on Martha Butter Mondschein, p. wife of Bother of Mondschein, 65 years. armond Arthur Blanche Roberts, W. of Mrs. Hannah J.

Mondschein; Mary Grierson. Friends Flickinger received and the 2134 Semmelrock funeral Carrick road, Carrick, Brownsville Parkfield street. Wednesday at 2 p. m. and of Carrick Chapter, cemetery.

invited. Interment in VITAL STATISTICS Death Notices Monday, December 24, 1934, Hugh husband of Eva Reed McNeeley; father of Thomas, brother of Jack and Ann McNeeley; late of 6418 Penn East Liberty. Remains at Baker's East End mortuary. Funeral services Wednesday at 2 p. m.

Interment private. 0'BRIEN- On Monday, December 24, 1934, at 9:15 p. Daniel O'Brien, beloved husband of Margaret Clark O'Brien and father of John Joseph James Daniel and William, Mrs. Fred Meyers, Mrs. Florence Speer, Mrs.

M. Scullion, Mrs. Ruth Gorman and Miss Margaret O'Brien. Funeral from the family home, 1907 Wharton street, Southside. Notice of time later.

PATTERSON-At her home, 442 Wayne Square, Beaver, on December 24, at 7:30 a. Miss Eliza Forbes Patterson. She was a former teacher in Knox and Birmingham Schools, Pittsburgh. Funeral at her late home on Wednesday, December 26, at 2:30 p. m.

Interment in Beaver cemetery. PATTILLO-M'VAY-On Monday, December 24, 1934, at 8:20 a. Margaret McVay Pattillo, wife of A. Faser Pattillo. Funeral services at her late residence, 106 West Littlewood street, Etna, on Thursday, December 27, at 2 p.

m. Friends invited. PFENDLER On Monday, December 24, 1934, Francis husband of Margaret Neuland, age 74 years. Funeral from his late residence, Hawthorne Millvale. on Friday, December 28, at 9 a.

m. Requiem high mass at St. Ann's church at 10 a. m. Friends invited.

ROBINETTE On Saturday, December 22. 1934, at 3:35 a. Camillia Marie Lapore, survived by her parents and three children. Funeral from her late residence, 1231 Resaca Place, Northside, on Wednesday, December 26, at 8:30 8. m.

Interment at McKeesport. RUBANO On Monday, December 24, 1934, at 5:40 p. Mary Louise Rubano (nee Butrico), widow of Angelo Rubano, in her 54th year. Funeral from her late residence. 151 Sycamore street, Mt.

Washington. Notice of time later. SCHIEFER -Suddenly, on Sunday, December 23, 1934, at 10:50 a. Hubert, husband of the late Catherine Wolfel Schiefer, formerly of Greenfield. Funeral, from the residence of his daughter, Mrs.

Joseph Kleber, 936 Piermont avenue, Dormont, on Wednesday, December 26, at 8:30 a. m. mass of requiem at St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church, at 9 a. m.

Friends invited. SCHUMACHER- On Monday, December 24, Michael husband of Minnie Rausch, age 62 years. Funeral from his late residence. 245 Friday street, Millvale, on Thursday, December 27, at 8:15 a. m.

Requiem high mass at St. Anthony's Church at 9 m. Friends invited. SMITHDALE On Saturday, December 22. 1934, at 12:05 a.

Margaret Cecilia Smithdale (nee Monpier), beloved wife of Joseph E. Smithdale. Funeral from the family home, 4015 Cambronne street, Northside, on Wednesday, December 26, at 8:30 a. m. High mass of requiem at St.

Cyril's R. C. Church at 9 o'clock. Friends invited. SHEAN- At Derry, on Monday, December 24, 1934.

at 4:15 a. Stephen H. Shean, husband of Grace M. Grimm Shean, in his 40th year. Funeral services at the home, 413 South Chestnut Derry, on Thursday, December 27, at 2:30 p.

m. Interment in Derry, Pa. STOLZENBACH-On On Monday evening, December 24, 1934, Catherine Goeringer, widow of Charles Henry Stolzenbach. Remains at the home of the T. B.

Moreland Company, North Highland at Rippey East End, where services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment private. STURGESS Suddenly, on Sunday, December 23, 1934, at 3:30 a. Edward W. Sturgess, beloved husband of Bella Sturgess (nee Davison).

Funeral services from the James Lowrie memorial home, 1407 Chateau street (at Pennsylvania), Northside, on Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. Friends invited. papers please TRAUTMAN- Suddenly, on Monday, December 24, 1934, at 1:30 a. Ralph son of George F.

and Lillian Trautman (nee Boker), aged 17 years. Services at the family home, 316 Mt. Royal boulevard, near Etna, on Thursday, December 27. at 2 p. m.

TURNER On Sunday morning, December 23, 1934, at 5:05 o'clock, Rhoda E. Cook, beloved wife of Charles Turner, aged 73 years. Funeral services at her late home, Gibsonia, Wednesday afternoon, December 26, at 2 o'clock. Friends invited. WEAVER On Sunday, December 23, 1934, at 10:40 p.

George husband of Mary Jordan Weaver, and father of Hazel Hamrick of Frostburg, Faye McMaster and Gladys Weaver of Brookside Farms. Services at his late restdence, Comanche road, Brookside Farms, on Tuesday, December 25, at 7 p. m. and Fayettee County (Pa.) papers please WEHN- On Sunday, December 23, 1934, at 1:20 a. J.

Fred Wehn, father of George and F. Donald Wehn. Funeral from Aeberli's chapel, East North avenue at Sandusky street, Northside, Wednesday at 2 p. m. Friends invited.

Please omit flowers. WERNER Suddenly, on Monday, Deeember 24, 1934, at 9:30 A. Conrad A. Werner, husband of Anna M. Schilling Werner.

Funeral services will be held at his late residence, 203 Elm street, Edgewood, Thursday at 2 p. m. Friends invited. YOCHUM- On Saturday, December 22, 1934, at 9:30 p. Elizabeth Fichter Yochum, wife of the late Charles F.

Yochum, aged 82 years. Funeral from her late residence, 2401 East street, Northside, on Wednesday morning at 8:30. Requiem mass at St. Boniface Church at 9 o'clock. Friends and members of Branch 332, L.

C. B. Christian Mothers and Holy Rosary societies are invited. YOUNG -On Sunday morning, December 23, 1934, Peter M. Young, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs.

Anne D. Walters, on Mt. Troy road. Remains at 600 Cedar avenue, Northside. Solemn requiem mass at St.

Aloysius Church, Mt. Troy road, on Wednesday, December 26, at 10 a. m. Please omit flowers. Florists- -Funeral Designs FLOWERS- SPRAYS.


1753. Mausoleums MOUNT ROYAL MAUSOLEUM. Entombment space available. AT. 3629 A I ANNOUNCEMENTS Lost and Found BLACK and tan hound, male; named "Andy," near Liberty Tubes; license No.

14154; reward. Lehigh 2488-J. BRACELET- Silver chain; marked "Betty lost Saturday; reward. Linden 4263. COLLIE -Male.

brown and white, lost November 12th. Reward. Hemlock 2521. DIAMOND bar pin, in Fifth ave. dress shop, vicinity; reward.

MO. 4331. FORD COUPE-1934 De Luxe. Maroon; red wire wheels. License 39441.

Montrose 3847. in Brighton Heights district. LI. 1497-R. FOUND--Pekingese, male; reddish brown; HOUND--Male, tan head, dark body, grey markings; Wilkinsburg; reward.

Brandywine 1282. LOST--In Kaufmanns or on Fifth ave. and Smithfield large black patent leather pocketbook marked E. G. containing two pairs of, glasses.

Reward. Phone MA. 1500. Apt. 719.

PEKINGESE -Brown, wearing red sweater trimmed in blue, lost in Millvale. Reward. Call Millvale 1474. PERSON who found pocketbook lost by widow supporting family in Frank Seder's basem*nt, please call FE. 2087-J.

POCKETBOOK -Black, with silver dog. Lost Monday, December 17, on train leaving Pittsburgh 11:20. Reward. Coraopolis 4104 ring 5. SHEPHERD- Brown and white.

License 4032. Lost Squirrel Hill. Reward. Hazel 4447. TOY Fox Terrier- Male; white, black markings around ears.

Reward. Federal 2970-R. Persona: (Strictly) MOTHER. be sure to hang Wrigley's Spearmint on the tree. Junior has been sO much better since using it AFTER EVERY MEAL.

Mary. PARTY who hit automobile on Maytide Brentwood, is known to me. To avoid further trouble call GR. 6941. Business Personal 9A BELFOUR SANITARIUM-43 Marion Turkish baths, massage.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Business Personal 9A LIQUOR a and drug treatment. Shadyside Sanitarium, 6309 Marchand st. EM. 9382. RELIEF -From arthritis, rheumatism, neuritis.

1619 Falck Northside. Linden 6610. Special Notices KANSAS State Alumni meeting will be held Thursday evening, December 27, at 8:30 at the Pittsburgh Athletic Club. All Kansas State Alumni and wives or husbands are welcome. Dining--Dancing 15 BUSINESS MEN'S luncheon, 25c; special dinners, 75c.

"Dutch 6010 Broad. Emerson 9323. CHICKEN, turkey dinners, Hotel Ziegler, Harmony, Pa. Reservations, Zelienople 85-J. EMPLOYMEN MENT OFFERED For Men 16 IF YOU have had direct or specially selling experience it will pay you to see Spiers, 1808 Clark building, between 9 and 10 a.

m. or 1 and 2 p. m. this week. LARKIN COMPANY Can use three more good men to handle grocery routes.

Routes pay from $18.50 to $22.50 a week. Apply 129 South Highland avenue, Wednesday, 9 to 12. For Women 17 TYPISTS wanting to make extra me money spare time (no canvassing). Write Typists 603 Hunter Chicago. Salesmen and Agents 19 MAN WANTED for Rawieign Route of 800 families.

Write today. Rawleigh, Dept. PNL-53-SA, Chester, Pa SIT SITUATIONS WANTED By Men 22 PITTSBURGH ASS'N IMP. OF POOR. FREE Employment Bureau.

SKILLED MECHANICS, HANDY MEN, Carpenters, Painters, Plumbers, Electricians, Coal Carriers, Housem*n, Orderlies, Handy Men, Farmers, Pick and Shovel, etc. Capable, dependable, family men personally known to us. Help us find these men work. Free Employment Bureau, 428 Duquesne way. Atlantic 4183.

By Women 23 BOOKKEEPER-Stenographer Mature, Protestant, single. (No triflers). 1420 Harris Crafton Heights. EDUCATIONAL AL Instruction Offered 25 TRADE SCHOOL. AUTO MECHANICS, aviation mechanics, radio, welders or refrigeration men ment 8, Pittsburgh School of Trade, 405 needed; practical instructions.

a DepartPenn Pittsburgh. ROOMS FOR RENT Furnished Rooms 45 ATWOOD 221-Cassidy's, $2 weekly, 50c daily, housekeeping, parking; children welcome. BEECHVIEW-Room, next bath, 15 minutes city; car stop; $3.50. Lehigh 5742-W. EVANGELINE RESIDENCE Downtown, 425 Boulevard Allies newly decorated rooms, girls, women only; every room hot-cold water; swimming pool; $3.75 weekly.

HIGHLAND 509 South--Attractive room, comfortable home, MO. 1567. NEGLEY AVENUE, South, 370-Beautiful private has large, very attractive front room; private tile bath connected. Unfurnished Rooms 46 MT. WASHINGTON-4 nice rooms And bath, separate meters, $20.

EV. 3282. Housekeeping Rooms AIKEN SOUTH, 462-Two-room apartment, furnace heat, all conveni- ences; reasonable. Board and Room MARSHALL 324-Large room, meals, laundry; home conveniences. ENTS Furnished Apartments 50 EAST END, 5460 Penn -Apartment, 2 attractive bachelor apartment suitable men or married couple or one room efficiency; reasonable.

SWISSVALE- -Three, four rooms, tile bath, shower; adults; newly furnished. HA. 0612. Unfurnished Apartments 51 CITY AND SUBURBAN. SWISSVALE- Three.

five rooms. tile bath, second floor. HA. 0612. EAST END.

ELGIN 5905- Five rooms, bath, second floor (heat included); conveniently located. $40. Montrose 4869. OAKLAND, near Forbes- Modern sixroom apartment, steam heated, furnished or unfurnished; inspection invited; rejanitor. Mayflower 9313.

SCHENLEY HEIGHTS- -Five rooms, bath, heat: one month free, reduced. Montrose 6627. SHADYSIDE Kentucky 5738-Sublet Six large rooms, 1st floor apartment until May 1, $50. Call Atlantic 2561. SOUTH AIKEN AVENUE, 345-First floor apartment, four large rooms, kitchen, bath, two sun porches, newly renovated and decorated, hardwood floors, new heating plant, Frigidaire, references, $60.

Call Atlantic 2561. A APARTMENTS Unfurnished Apartments 51 EAST END. THOMAS 7100-Three-room apartments, second floor. living room 17x22, tile kitchen, Frigidaire, janitor; $55, including light, heat. Fremont 1382.

NORTHSIDE. GERBER, 3515-Six rooms, electric refrigerator, stove, $40. second floor. Linden 4453-R. 4339.

HOUSES FOR RENT Furnished Houses 52 -Furnished house, electric refrigeration, furnace, greatly reduced. Linden 1067-J. Unturnished Houses 53 CITY AND SUBURBAN. BALDWIN township, Weyman road-11 rooms, two baths, two furnaces. suitable two families; yards.

Carrick 2574. EDGEWOOD- five-room brick dwelling, fine location; reduced rent. Mayflower 7693. RIVERSIDE HEIGHTS. VERONA ROAD.

PENN TOWNSHIP. OVERLOOKING ALLEGHENY RIVER. Beautiful new 7-room brick home, vacant for unforseen reason; large living room, open fireplace, tile bath and shower; garage; handy to school, churches. trolley bus: ideal for children. Atlantic 6700.

Mr. Walsh. -Modern 6-room house, bath; desirable location, $40. Churchill 7802. EAST END.

brick house, bath, yard, laundry, good neighborhood. Montrose 6249. NORTHSIDE. PIERCE. 5759, corner Maryland-7 rooms, brick.

bath, newly decorated, $30. FOURTH GRANT REAL ESTATE 304 Berger Bldg. Court 6410. SUPERIOR 1411-6-5 rooms, modern. month free.

CO. 4487. RENT MISCELLANEOUS Business Property 54 Bakery--Modern Equipped Including 2 brick ovens, high speed mixer, cake mixer, cake oven, proofer and other necessities; well located in rear 1239 Buena Vista Northside; reasonable. Atlantic 4360. Stores--Offices--Desk Space 55 WESTINGHOUSE BLDG.

Desirable space, single or en suite. AT. 4051. MERCHANDISE Miscellaneous--For Sale 63 AUTOMATIC Frick refrigerating machine, like new, cost over $2,000, will sacrifice $200 cash and terms. 1539 Penn ave.

Atlantic 7668. AUTOMATIC STOKER, lowest prices. Coal Stoker Sales, 500 N. Craig st. MA.

2250. CHECK PROTECTOR -Latest model, used, sell cheap. Schenley 1998. COW MANURE for only $3 per load. Joseph Bernardi.

Phone Millvale 1398-R. 16 MILLIMETER Movie Film for toy projectors $1 up. Schenley 4837. Household Goods 65 AIRWAY, Hoover, Eureka sweepers, $9 up; irons, toasters, percolators, motors, $1 up. Carter's, 22 Graeme next Pitt Bank.

BEDROOM- -Wicker bed, davenport suite, club chair, range, glider. 4825 Baum Blvd. Schenley 2333. FURNITURE -Large selection, reasonable. Storage, 741 Penn Wilkinsb' g.

MOVING out of city. Furniture for A sale. Phone Hazel 4838 or call at 5815 Aylesboro ave. RENOVATED FURNITURE -Living room, dining room, kitchen, all household goods. Industrial Store, 428 Duquesne Way.

Musical Instruments 61 Pittsburgh's largest piano dealer; one of largest in United States. 820 Liberty avenue, World's all prices. HEADQUARTERS for music and musical instruments. Volkwein's, 632 Liberty ave. Musical Instruments Reduced $325 Style Studio Upright Piano.

$195 $450 Style Medium Size Piano. $125 $350 Style Practice Piano (used). 25 $195 New Brunswick Radio. 65 75 Polydine Radio 11 $120 Saxophone and 58 Ukuleles $1.95 up. Guitars $6 up.

HOFFMANN'S-537 -537 Wood St. Radio and Supplies 68 BIG radios, Zenith, Philco, R. C. $19, $3 down, 75c week. Donalies, 123 Brownsville Rd.

Clothing and Furs 12 FUR JACKETS, coats for Christmas. Mueller Fur Shop, 631 Penn. Atlantic 5369. Building Material 13 PLASTER BOARD, roll roofing, brick, insulating material. CH.

8475. HE. 1888. Office--Store Equipment 14 SLIGHTLY used office furniture; good bargains. 401 Chamber Commerce Building.

AT. 5275. PETS- -POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK Dogs, Cats, Birds, 1 etc. 78 BOSTON puppies, registered, perfect marked males, 3 months old, $20. Everglade 0377.

CHOW PUPPIES, 36 reds and blacks, registered. all ages, champion strains. Vaughn, Wampum, Pa. RECOMMENDED BUSINESS SERVICE The following business concerns guarantee satisfaction to Post -Gazette readers. Any complaint found necessary to be made to The Post -Gazette will receive prompt attention.

Services Offered 21 BLINDS CLEANED. guaranteed; service. Churchill CLEANED Process; work 1910. CASH FOR OLD GOLD. CASH--For old gold, silver.

Pittsburgh Gold Refining, 302-A Clark Building. FURNACE REPAIRING. RELINE Furnaces with fire brick: better than new firepot, $12.50. Brandywine 0683-J. LANDSCAPING- GARDENING.

FRANK C. HONESS. 530 Bayne Avenue, Bellevue--Trees pruned, sprayed. Linden 0743. PIANO TUNING.

PIANOS tuned, vacuum cleaned, $2.50. Mr. Frizzell, 1232 Buena Vista. Fairfax 8586. PHOTO ENGRAVING.

LIBERTY ENGRAVING CO. Haif tones, etchings. Post-Gazette Bldg. GR. 1654.

PETS -POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc. 18 FANCY PIGEONE. Bantam chickens, pheasants. G. H.

Williamson, R. D. 7, Allison Park, Pa. GROWN young females by champion, Gallant Invader of Wild Oaks. Leo McLaughlin, Butler, Pa.

PEKINGESE- Pedigreed; female: reasonable. 7003 Hamilton ave. MO. 2890. SCOTTISH TERRIERS We have the largest collection of Western puppies reasonable.

See them before you buy them. 543 Galveston N. opposite Kramer Bros. FA. 6572.

SCOTTIES for Christmas, campion stock. Write Benarty Kennels, Mercer, Pa. Montrose 0466. SCOTCH RELY DOGS (7) make ideal Christmas gifts. Reasonable prices.

Schenley 9131. TOY Bouton. Terriers Well marked, dark seal, and females; also da young bred females, stud service. 114 Oakland avenue, Oakland. $3 Eskimos: $3 Fox Terriers Beautiful ful Pups, 905 Penn ave.

Open eve's. $1.50 PUPS $1.50 PUPS 200 pups. 905 Penn ave. Open Sunday Live Stock, Vehicles 80 50 HEAD of horses at auction sale Friday, December 28, at 1 o'clock. Grant Shuster, Freeport.

IN A CIA OPPORTUNITIES Business Opportunities 82 ANY GROCERY, Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, Carrick, financially embarrassed, may help you. Confidential. Hemlock 2826. MINE for sale.

Will carry an interest if desired. Modern truck and rail mine with high selling prices near large market. If interested call Salem, Ohio, phone 129 any evening between 6 and 6:30 for appointment. DRUG STORE Well located, stock and fixtures: low rent $3,000. A-678, PostGazette.

RESTAURANT -Beer, liquor license; sacrificing quick sale. 4643 Butler street. Schenley 9517. I shop for sale cheap. Inquire Ideal Barber College, 408 Third avenue.

Mortgages 84 3 FIRST 3-5-10-12-15-YEAR MORTGAGE MORTGAGES. LOANS. Residential, commercial properties; church loans and brewery financing. INDUSTRIAL FINANCING. W.

A. SCHUMANN. 254-5-6-7 Frick Annex. AT. 6967.

FIRST and second mortgages. We also buy mortgages. Frank J. Shermer, 508 Grant st. PRIVATE MORTGAGE MONEY STRAIGHT THREE-YEAR LOAN DAWSON, 603 W.

DIAMOND. FA. 6304. Money to Loan 85 AUTO LOANSH. R.

Reed, Lycoming Discount 204 Wallace bldg. MO. 2200. REAL Houses for Sale 88 EAST END. A REAL BARGAIN Owner must leave city at once, will sacrifice his well-built home, 6 rooms, tile bath; modern in every respect, lot 35x 120; corner location Point Breeze section south of Penn ave.

City's best residential district. Price $12,500 for quick sale. Call Court 5678 or evenings Montrose 6935. OPEN 2 to 7046 Reynolds St-Newly modernized, reduced. J.

H. Aronson Co. MA. 8110. Business Property for Sale 92 BILLIARD parlor, downtown Pittsburgh; equipped, $5,000 yearly profit; reasonable; no dealers.

Atlantic 9758. Wanted -Real Estate 102 Wanted Investment Real Estate Write Post-Gazette, Box G-911. AUTOMOTIVE TIVE Automobiles for Sale 104 BUICK-PONTIAC USED CARS. 333 Penn Wilkinsburg. FR.

1400. BUICK USED CARS--ALL MODELS. Keystone Buick Baum and Liberty. $10 DOWN CHEVROLET 1928 COACH. J.

N. Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. CHEVROLET late 1929 fou sedan, mechanically, appearance perfect; four new tires.

Owner sacrificing $80. Jackson 0814. $100 DOWN CHEVROLET 1933 coach, like new. J. N.

Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. CHEVROLET '33 coupe, excellent condition. Pinkerton Motor Co.

Fairfax 4728. CHRYSLER 65 late 1929 sedan, good condition throughout, new tires. privately owned; sacrifice $85. Hazel 1584. CHEVROLET 1928 COUPE.

J. N. Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119.

CADILLAC V-8 deluxe 1933 sedan, radio, dual heater, beautiful blue. A-1 condition; settlement of an estate, will sacrifice, dealing with private owner. EM. 1144 or write 117 Stanton Court, Pittsburgh. $10 DOWN CHEVROLET 1930 ROADSTER.

J. N. Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119.

CHEVROLET 1929 COACH. J. N. Gregg, Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119.

DORMONT MOTORS The Best of Used Cars Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL. DORMONT MOTORS, 2875 W. Liberty Ave. LE. 9002.

Fords and Chevrolets 1930 Coaches; tan, maroon and black paint jobs; all inspected and ready to go: your choice only $65 down, balance easy terms. Jones Motor 1317 Carson street, Southside. Hemlock 8100. FORD 1931 de luxe roadster, very good condition, $185. Mr.

White, 519 Water st. co. 6200. $10 DOWN 1929 FORD COUPE. J.

N. Gregg, Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. FORD 1930 2-door, A-1 condition, $165. Mr.

White, 519 Water st. CO. 6200. $10 DOWN FORD 1931 SPORT ROADSTER. J.

N. Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. FORD 1933 Fordor Sedan.

$485. McKinleyGregg Auto 5838 Baum Blvd. $100 DOWN FRANKLIN 1930 4-door sedan. J. N.

Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. $10 DOWN 1930 GRAHAM COUPE. J.

N. Gregg, Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. OLDSMOBILE USED CARS. Oldsmobile Retail Store, 420 No.

Craig st. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. INCOME TAX SALE The United States Government permits angautomobile dealer to establish the value of all Used Cars in his stock as of December 31st when figuring out his income taxes.

Instead of marking down the price of our Used Cars on our books, WE PREFER TO TAKE OUR ACTUAL LOSS ON THESE CARS NOW. PRICES UNTIL NEW YEAR'S EVE ONLY Anyone considering the purchase of a Used Car within the next 90 days should take advantage of this opportunity to purchase a reliable used car at a tremendous savings over its present market price FROM ONE OF PITTSBURGH'S MOST REPUTABLE DEALERS. TRADE ONLY 35 CARS TERMS Former Income Former Income Sale Tax Sale Sale Tax Sale Price. Price. Price.

Price. '30 Pierce-Arrow $475 $350 '30 Studebaker Pres 8 Sedan. $250 $195 '30 Studebaker Pres. 8 Sedan 250 195 '32 Studebaker St. 450 350 '33 Rockne Sedan 450 350 '29 Pierce-Arrow 393 275 '31 Studebaker Pres 8 Sedan.

445 295 '31 Studebaker Victoria 393 293 '30 Hudson Sedan 225 145 '31 Pierce-Arrow Sedan 793 645 '33 Studebaker St. 660 545 '31 Studebaker Coupe 350 245 '30 La Salle Touring. 450 297 '27 Cunningham Town 295 175 '30 Studebaker Victoria. 245 175 '30 Buick Sedan 330 175 '30 Pierce-Arrow Brougham. 450 350 '30 Pierce-Arrow Limousine.

550 395 '32 Studebaker St. 495 345 '31 Studebaker 6-Cyl. Sedan. 250 175 29 Pierce-Arrow 395 275 '30 Studebaker 6-Cyl. Sedan.

230 150 '31 Ford Roadster 195 175 '31 1 Studebaker Sedan 325 250 '29 Pierce-Arrow 395 290 Willy's panel 295 195 '31 Durant Sport 195 125 '30 Chevrolet Sport Roadster. 165 125 FAUNCE MOTOR CO. 4724 BAUM BLVD. Open Evenings SC. 8000 SAMSON'S 1934 STUDEBAKERS Dictators- -Commanders All Models--All Colors Company official cars.

1934 CHEVROLETS Coaches- -Sedans Various colors, wheel equip't Company Officials' Cars. SAMSON MOTOR CO. 4647 Baum Blvd. MA. 2300.

LOANS ON JEWELRY. Von Diamonds Watches Stocks buy Yearly Interest per month to storage NO LOAN TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL. Nearly P.12-786 a granted century nearly of service. $50,000,000. Loans JOS.

DeROY SONS Diamond Loan Association 311 Smithfield St. Opp. 4th Ave. Post Office DIAMONDS WATCHES Jewelry, Silverware, Small Radios, sical Instruments, Guns, Golf Sets, Stocks, Bonds. Furs.


8074 A AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles for Sale 104 $10 DOWN -NASH 1929 470 FOUR-DOOR. J. N. Gregg. Irwin, Pa.

Phone 2119. $10 DOWN OLDSMOBILE 1929 4-DOOR SEDAN. J. N. Gregg, Irwin, Pa.

Phone 2119. $10 DOWN OAKLAND 1928 COACH. J. N. Gregg, Irwin, Pa.

Phone 2119. USED CARS. Faunce Motor 4724 BaumBlvd PLYMOUTH '33 De Luxe Coupe, excellent condition, $395. R. E.

Loughney, 5556 Center at Negley. MO. 4728. PLYMOUTH '33, 2-door sedan, very low mileage, $410. I.

C. PatscH and Sons, Canonsburg 163. PLYMOUTH COUPE- 1929. rumble seat, A-1 condition, $125. Jack's Auto Service, 715 Tripoli.

Cedar 5619. SAMSON'S good used cars; a bargains. 4643 Baum Blvd. Mayflower 2304. $10 DOWN WILLYS-KNIGHT, 1930, 4-DOOR SEDAN.

Six wire wheels. J. N. Gregg, Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119.

50 CAR VALUES. PRICED FROM $25 TO $750. 30-day guarantee. One man to deal with, no finance company. J.

N. GREGG. Irwin, Pa. Phone Irwin 2119. Trucks, Tractors, Busses 105 W.

LIBERTY Ford dump body, dual wheels, perfect 2050: tery. dition, For new quick tires, sale, new $175. batBrown Motor Sales, Lehigh 1917. $150 DOWN 1934 Ford Truck, stake body; 3,000 miles: like new. J.

N. Gregg. Irwin, Pa. Phone 2119. Auto Tires, Parts 110 A PRACTICAL GIFT -Tires, new: retread.

Downtown Tire, 33 Water st. CO. 5248. Wanted -Automobiles 112 BINGLER pays casn ror cars and trucks. 5515 Penn ave.

near Negley ave. MO. 0668. CARS bought for cash. Brown Motor Sales, 2050 West Liberty ave.

CASH paid for used cars. 5530 Baum; 5508 Penn ave. Schenley 1020. HERMAN pays cash, any make, no delay; money waiting. 5850 Baum EM.

9326 HIGHEST CASH prices paid for cars and trucks. Gray's, Center at Negley ave. Christmas at Oldsmobile Retail Store Your wonderful reception of the used car values offered by us during 1934 has proved to us that our policy of used car merchandising is right and in extending the compliments of the season, we assure you of the continuation of the same policy-BEST in cars for the LEAST in money--during 1935! FEATURE HOLIDAY SALE NOW IN PROGRESS420 No. Craig Street Schenley 8502 later. year; year; JEWELRY FOR SALE.


Diamonds. Bridgework and UNPAID YOUR BALANCES AUTUMOBILE. REFINANCED. Keystone Discount Co. A.


0526 Penn Ave. Montrose 7600. COAL AND FUEL Buy NOW at Lower Prices Moving and Storage 35 LICENSED. MOVING, storing, packing. crating, shipping.

any place; furniture bought, sold, exchanged. 1. A25415. BELMAR. CH.

3164. MOVING -Storage; fireproof warehouse. HOEVELER WAREHOUSE CO. MA. 6000.

LOCAL LONG DISTANCE MOVING. Haugh Keenan Storage Co. Center Euclid. MO. 6700.

TYPEWRITERS RENTED. BRAND NEW portables, noiseless and standard typewriters RENTED. Low rates. See us before you buy. THE STUDENT'S STORE.

801 LIBERTY AVE. ATLANTIC 5488. Repairing--All Kinds 39 teed. W. H.

Godette, CH. 8873, A AT. 0792. TYPEWRITER repairing; service guaranLong Distance Moving 35B ALLIED VAN LINES, Ine. 750 MILLVALE AVE.


run of mine or stoker sizes. Phone your local drayman and insist that he gets Tomajko Adamsburg Coal for you. A ADAMSBURG COAL--The ideal fuel, delivered by H. J. Kemerer, BR.

2564. ADAMSBURG COAL For Braddock and vicinity, Corey Avenue Coal Co. BR. 0227. ADAMSBURG COAL- -Our service is equaled.

A. B. Reid, Penhurst 1942. ADAMSBURG COAL--We have it. Abbott Coal Company.

Penhurst 7798. ADAMSBURG COAL -Prompt delivery. Frank Gnesda. Phone Jeannette 240-J. ALWAYS THE BEST Real bargain-Limited time.

Lump, run of mine, nut slack, 5-ton or more, $1.65 at curb. Montrose 6224. Best mine run lump $3.25 At curb, 3-ton lots. McDonald 4876. Block mine run $3 ton.

Fr. 1312 LIMITED TIME--Nut slack, $2.00: furnace coal, $2.25, in 3-ton lots. Sipper, PE. 9122. LUMP.

run of mine, nut slack, welfare anywhere. CE. 0334. LUMP coal, egg. slack, $1.90 curb delivery.

Call Hemlock 4624. JONES AND LAUGHLIN co*ke, all kinds of domestic coal. HOUSTON-STARR. Call CH. 8475.

HE. 1888. LUMP. run mine, nut slack, welfare; anywhere. Cedar 0334.

METROPOLITAN COAL FOOT OF FIFTY-FIRST ST. SC. 8245. Black run mine $3 ton. FR.

1312 NEW Bock now open, 12 acres virgin coal, Pittsburgh vein. High class analysis. Established prices. Only miles from city limit on Linhart road. Crawford Repper, operators.

Valley 2177-R. RUN OF MINE COAL, LUMP, $3. PHONE PENHURST 4116. WILDWOOD lump, mine run, co*ke, welfare orders. MA.

1095. GRADE A four-inch lump, special $3.45 curb. Bakich Fuel. Locust 0322. 2 TONS OR MORE.

NEILL'S. LE. 0119..

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (2024)


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